Miss Wisconsin USA

Hollis Brown

Miss Wisconsin USA 2022

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Hollis Brown is a 26-year-old award-winning marketing strategist, podcast host, mentor, public speaker, model and now Miss Wisconsin USA 2022!

Her favorite quote is “Pressure Makes Diamonds'' and she has never shied away from working to reach her goals. Six years ago, her goals almost reached a stalemate when she became a victim of sexual assault in college. Instead, her tenacity propelled her to create Grow and GLO - Supporting Sexual Assault Victims On Their Journey To Healing. With this platform, Hollis focuses her efforts on being a resource for the support members of sexual assault victims; educating them on ways to become a better advocate through the journey to healing and ensuring no one goes through such a traumatic moment feeling alone.

When she’s not wearing a crown and sash, Hollis works for the Milwaukee Bucks as a Coordinator of Partner Strategy & Management and is the co-host of a women in sports empowerment podcast called "Outnumbered with Kelli and Hollis". Outnumbered was started to help young professionals master the start of their careers in sports and entertainment. The podcast empowers women to break barriers and thrive in male dominated industries through personal stories, interviews, and more.

As Miss Wisconsin USA, Hollis will continue sharing her story so other little girls and women across the state know there are no limitations to their goals and every experience is a part of their journey to growing and glowing into their best self.